Council Tax Online Services

WARNING – you must not access this facility unless you are the council tax account holder which means that you are named on the council tax bill. To proceed without such authority is not permitted and you may also commit a criminal offence


The following services are now available online for Council Tax customers (unfortunately if the Council Tax account is in the name of a company or property agent this facility is not currently available to you).

Check your Account Balance

View a breakdown of your account charges & check your recent payments. Missing payment queries can be submitted online.

Balance details are for information only and you should always pay in accordance with the last Bill or Recovery Notice that you have received.

Single Person Discount Review

If you have recently received a Review form you can now complete this online.

Student Exemption Review

If you have recently received a Review form you can now complete this online.

Request a Refund

A request for a refund can be submitted if your account balance is in credit.

Council Tax e-billing

You can now opt out of paper bills and start receiving your council tax bills electronically.

If they are necessary you will also receive any reminder or final notice electronically as well.

Direct Debit

The Online service to setup or amend a Direct Debit is available if:-
  • You are the Bank/Building Society account holder.
  • You are the only person required to authorise Direct Debits from your account.
  • You are named on the Council Tax bill
  • You have a contact phone number and email address.

  • Alternatively, you can print the direct debit form and send by post.

    Download Council Tax Form ( Adobe Acrobat  reader required)

    Please read our Data protection & Information Sharing details